Reviews - "The Rebel & The King"

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“Nobody knows Nick Adams better than me, and Nick was E.P.’s best friend in Hollywood.”

- Robert Conrad, Actor, Radio Host.


“This is one of the most honest, touching and truthful books I’ve read about Elvis. I had no idea that extent of Nick’s connection to Elvis’ family and hometown. We never hear much about his mother and father. Nick brings them to life. It’s fascinating stuff.”

- Tom Brown, VP Turner Classic Movies, Original Programming


“An unabashedly adoring glimpse into the life of The King.”

- Brett Johnson, The Huffington Post (Ventura County Star)


“Nick's charming tale recalls those days of comparative innocence for two ambitious celebrities destined to die young. It's a diary of encounters. I admit to being a bit star struck when I read Nick's original manuscript. Allyson has brought her father's unfiltered portrayal of the legendary Elvis to life.”

- Kevin Giles, author and journalist for Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN


“The book presents a behind-the-scenes view of what Elvis was like behind closed doors while hanging out in Hollywood and back home in Memphis.”

- Trina Yannicos, Elvis Presley Examiner,


“I read it in one evening, devouring every word. From the very first page you will be hooked. This is a must-read for Elvis and Nick Adams fans alike. You will not be disappointed. Thank you so much, Allyson, my hat is off to you. Enjoy the journey”

- Verna Briscoe, Chicago, IL


“Hello Allyson, I met you in Graceland. I have to tell you that I loved the book. It was just so nice to read about something so special as the friendship of your dad and Elvis. It was quite refreshing to read what truly came from the heart. It certainly put a smile on my face.
Thank you for sharing.”

- Joan Couch Wusaty, Brooklyn, NY





“A rare look at Elvis at the beginning of his career.”

- Suzanne Guldimann, Malibu Surfside News.


“The essence of Presley is found in Adams’ writing….the best of times.”

- Steve Gillespie, Meridian Star


“The Rebel and The King is truly a delightful book and what a fantastic find.”

- Piers Beagley, Elvis Information Network


“A new book gives an in-depth look at life as Elvis’ good friend. It is a behind-the-scenes look at the friendship and bond shared with The King of Rock-n-Roll.”

- Action 5 News, WMC-TV, Memphis, TN


“Nick Adams’ story about his friendship with Elvis and his parents now have, in its entirety, seen the light of day thanks to Nick’s daughter Allyson Adams who, after many years finally opened up the box marked ‘Daddy’. If you want to read about the unspoiled, curious, lively Elvis before ‘all hell broke loose’ this book is for you.”

- Roger Ersson, The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Sweden


“Once I started reading The Rebel & The King, I couldn't put it down, and read the whole book in one evening. I highly recommend The Rebel & The King to everyone, whether you're an Elvis fan or not! Thank you, Allyson Adams, for generously sharing Nick's memories of Elvis with the rest of the world!.”

- Phyllis Hill, Nashville, TN


“This is an honest, heart-warming, charming book. It's especially nice to know the story behind some of the photos that we Elvis fans have seen all these years. Thank you, Allyson!”




“This is the first book I read about Elvis that made me smile!”

- Tracy Rossman, Malibu, CA



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Allyson Adams discovers her father Nick Adams' 1956 manuscript about his trip to Memphis and Tupelo with Elvis and decides to share it with the world. Her journey becomes a spiritual experience as she discovers Elvis and her Dad along the way.